Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where did 2010 go?

I haven't looked at my blog in a long fact it's been over a year. I'm not selling in a shop anymore but I'm still selling on eBay! I just attained Power Seller and Top Seller status last week for pamscottieboy. Now that was a surprise, but a very nice one. I'm listing all kinds of stuff on that site...from vintage to new. Very ecclectic mix.

Vintage lingerie is what I'm selling on the_vintage_nut. Gee the old stuff is beautiful. Wonderful, enduring designs and fabrics. I mean, 50 years later, a Vanity Fair nightgown is as lovely as the day it was made. I really don't think that many of today's pieces will survive like that. Thank the Lord there are buyers out there that realize what a great value vintage is.

Best pick of 2010: Found at a thrift store, a large old Royal Copenhagen charger plate with a cow staring right at me for $45. Despite a chip on the bottom rim, it appraised at $1000-$1500 with a rarity value of 3 on a scale of 1-5. It was hand painted by Gotfred Rode. Holy cow, I couldn't be more tickled! We'll enjoy looking at it for a while and then put it up for sale and see how much moooolah (sorry, I couldn't resist that) it brings.

Best sale of 2010: one piece of vintage lingerie sold for $186. What can I say? There is a market out here I am, come to the_vintage_nut and see what I'm offering.

Here is a gorgeous vintage OLGA underwire bra slip that I have listed right now. It really does have that WOW factor, doesn't it? Very sexy...Olga really knows women's figures and makes the most wonderful underthings! There's a bid on this piece and people are watching. The auction ends on Sunday evening.

This slip is from the 30's. I actually purchased it, matching tap panties and a nightgown in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada about five years ago. Paid a song for the pieces and have had them tucked away. This slip and the panties fit on the mannequin but the nightgown is quite small and she wouldn't fit. I have several other similar pieces that will go up for bids in the coming weeks.

These vintage men's nylon PJs are very cool and silky. Hard to find anymore and perfect for traveling. They will be listed next week.

My husband says that when he retires in a few years, he's going to work with me and be my shipping and accounting departments! I like the sound of that. The buying part continues to be the best and most addictive part of being a dealer. Even he's finding goodies now...we love the thrill of the hunt!!!

SO now you get the idea of what I've been doing and on that note I'm signing off but I'll be back soon to share more picks and sales...