Monday, January 4, 2010

OH, I forgot to tell you about my niece's blog! Her name is Sarah Klein and her blog is called The Hungry Bambino. She is a wonderful journalist, photographer, wife and mom who lives in Madison, WI. Her whole family cooks, cooks, cooks...good stuff, quality stuff, stuff with fancy foreign names! Don't let that put you off though...check out the blog and see for yourself. She is doing an amazing job with it! Proud of you Sarah!

Well, I haven't blogged for quite a while...we moved! We are now in Clearwater, FL and really like it. I love all the thrift shops and garage sales that are nearby. I'm closing down my space in the Peddler's Village in Dade City and have taken a space with a friend, Mary, in KNOT ON MAIN STREET in Dunedin, FL.

The shop is
an antiques mall and has just about anything and everything you can imagine! Our booth, BOOTH 39A, is pretty small but a good way to ease into our new surroundings. 6'x8' is tiny but we have crammed a ton of stuff into it and are adding items all the time. I purchased a cabinet and Mary's husband put locks on it so we can safely display our jewelry and better items.

We are working on getting more lighting and more stuff in there so t
his is just a start. The other dealers and the owners all seem very nice. Some of the dealers work the sales counter so we are getting to know them a bit better.

The shop is just south of Curlew, which is the road you take to get to Honeymoon Island! There's parking along the front of the building, restrooms and a really nice, relaxed atmosphere. You can spend hours wandering around. The shop did really well over the holidays and we are hoping it continues into the new year. So if you're down this way, stop by and check out KNOT ON MAIN STREET on Alternate Hwy 19!